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TRIA Fitness Club provides a wide range of exercise classes to fill up all your exercise and physical activity needs. Our sports science trainers, having extensive first-hand experiences in sports exercise and rehabilitation, will guide you along the correct pathway to body alignment in order to reduce the risk of sports injuries as well as help you achieve your workout and exercise goals.


TRIA Medical Physicians work with our sports science trainers to maximize your disease preventing, wellness enhancing, and rehabilitative effects of guided exercise programs.  Ask your TRIA physician about a Personalized Exercise Prescription.

Physical Fitness


Personalized Exercise Program


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At TRIA Fitness Club, workout specialists equipped with the latest in scientific knowledge related to sports fitness will demonstrate to you proper workout techniques to optimize your work-outs and push “just a little bit further” to achieve the goals you’ve set. Personal training sessions enhances fitness in the most efficient way possible while minimizing your risk of injury. We also provide special workout programs for the elderly, pregnant women, as well as patients with cardio-vascular diseases, hypertension, arthritis and many other chronic diseases.


Physical Rehabilitation Program


In addition to providing the latest in college trained sports scientists TRIA Fitness Club also employs the services of a fully credentialed Physical Therapist.


Our physical therapist works together with our team of medical physicians to offer you a truly personalized approach to getting well and staying well, no matter what condition you are in when you start your program.


If you suffer from a chronic musculoskeletal condition that needs some therapeutic intervention, talk to one of our doctor’s about getting a referral to see our gifted physical therapist.