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Jubilee I


Room Size: 313 square meters


With stunning and elegant banqueting room accommodating every kind of function, Jubilee I is a perfect choice for small social functions and convention. The room can hold up to 350 persons in cocktail style, 240 in round tables, 220 in theatre style, 140 in classroom style and U-shape seating for 50 persons.


Jubilee II


Room Size: 103 square meters


Jubilee II is a subdivision of Jubilee I. The room is suited for small private meeting, seminar or a main conference breakout room. The room can house 90 persons in cocktail style, 80 in theatre style, 56 for sit-down dinner, 48 in classroom style and U-shape seating for 36 persons.


Celebration Hall


Celebration Hall features contemporary Moroccan decorating style shading that depicts a sense of timeless elegance and opulence. The Celebration Hall can seat 128 persons for round tables; theatre style set up can be arranged for 120 persons; and cocktail style can be set for 400 persons.


This room is ideal for catered events, such as wedding receptions, medical conferences, cocktail events, etc.


Sky Garden


Located on the fourth floor is the Sky Garden. This open-air terrace is equipped with a wooden garden trellis, and is ideally placed for an intimate outdoor cocktail or flow-over area next to Jubilee I and II. The area accommodates up to 120 persons for a cocktail party and 80 persons for sit-down dinner.


Harmony Studio


Tranquilly situated on the fourth floor, the Harmony Studio is tastefully furnished with a high celling and layout is in open-plan that allows for flexible use of the space — is excellent venue to hold meetings, workshops, private yoga classes and media filming. The room can hold up to 100 persons in cocktail style, 50 in theatre style, 32 for sit-down dinner and U-shape seating or classroom style for 24 persons.




Located on the second floor of TRIA complex, Conference provides a setting ideal for an intimate meeting and private event. The room can accommodate up to 36 persons in a theatre style, 24 in U-shape seating, 24 in classroom style, 30 for Boardroom meetings and cocktail style for 50 persons.


Poolside Garden


The Poolside Garden recently underwent a facelift. It is beautifully located on the second floor terrace next to the pool. By the poolside is perfect for holding a small ceremony, reception party or for outdoor entertaining. The area can be arranged for 80 persons comfortably in cocktail style and 48 persons for sit-down dinner.

The Gallery