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The Luxury Health & Beauty Center in Bangkok


HEALTH-TRIA takes an integrated approach to health and wellness, in an urban spa retreat environment. It is also one of the world’s leading Integrative Medicine facilities where medical doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and other specialists combine techniques from eastern and western medicine in a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle. TRIA mission is to help guests optimize their health and well-being by embracing wellness as a lifestyle. A comprehensive approach to attaining a balanced and fulfilling life by optimizing one’s health potential, reducing risks and making wise lifestyle choices.


BEAUTY-TRIA offers a full range of aesthetic services and plastic surgical procedures to enhance and restore patients’ appearance and self-confidence, ensuring they look more elegance, healthy and more attractive.


For information and reservations, please call +66-660-2620



At TRIA, we understand that being healthy is sometimes not enough; being well or optimally healthy implies not just being free of disease and disability, but also having the clarity of mind and physical energy to engage life in its fullest.  That being the case, we are always looking for rational, scientifically valid ways to enhance health and wellness through predominantly non-invasive ways.


At TRIA, we approach beauty from a holistic and integrative perspective. Holistic in the sense that a wide variety of natural and non-invasive therapies.  Integrative means that treatments are combined for their synergistic effects.  For example, our doctors know that if you want to have a glowing beautiful complexion that it requires more than a simple facial; it may also require specific diet or nutritional interventions, an improved fitness program, or a normalization of intestinal flora.


At TRIA, fitness is a cornerstone of all Get Well Programs.  Absent adopting a personalized fitness strategy, you are likely to both age faster and suffer from earlier onset of degenerative disease.  In fact, adopting a active lifestyle may be the single most important lifestyle change you can do to positively effect your overall well-being and resistance to chronic disease.


At TRIA, we believe the benefits of engaging in regular spa services does more than just feel good, it’s actually good for you.  A therapeutic massage given by one TRIA expert massage therapists triggers a surge of healthy neurotransmitters that flood your bloodstream and in doing so, stimulates your immune system and moves you closer to optimum health.